Digital Marketing Opinions for Summer 2019

Digital Marketing Opinions for Summer 2019

Things have been changing incredibly over the past 6 months. Although WordPress still dominates, the industry has slowly started to drift as newer and more efficient technologies emerge. The SEO algorithm continues to change, and cloud computing becomes cheaper and more accessible every day.

Here are some thoughts on the state of the web for Summer 2019.

The Move From WordPress

As mentioned, WordPress had a real hold on things for the last few years and made it incredibly easy for regular people to build their own website. Although WordPress is easy to use and just about everyone offers a one-click install, it’s still a beast when it comes to resources, bloat, and security.  With so many sites using WordPress, it’s got a massive target for hackers looking for users who haven’t locked it down or updated plugins.

With JavaScript continuing to lead the way, cleaner and more controlled websites are in demand. Technologies like NodeJS allow web developers and designers to focus on JavaScript as their primary language, breaking down the requirements of having a back-end programmer and a front end programmer.

In addition to being able to focus on a single programming language, frameworks like NodeJS bring down the page load and overall bloat. It’s possible to serve static HTML pages to users using technologies like Gatsby bring down security issues and load times dramatically.

Technical SEO

Page speed is important for the user and if your site loads slow, you’re dead in the water. Google looks at this factor and uses it heavily for SEO ranking in 2019. Newer frameworks load incredibly fast as mentioned above and the addition of tools and methods like the ability to serve static files makes them load even faster.

Another relatively easy and inexpensive technical SEO method would be the addition of an SSL certificate for your website. Many hosting providers offer this as a one-click setup with some also offering free certificates from Let’s Encrypt. With these free certificates, you get an https URL that will work for most small to medium-sized websites.


The cloud has been a buzzword we’ve all been exposed to over the past few years and most people have a pretty good idea of what that means thanks to offerings from google, dropbox, and Microsoft. One of the spots becoming more accessible is the ability to use the cloud for more than just storage and google docs.

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) you gain access to a data infrastructure with endless possibilities. This blog is currently hosted on an AWS EC2 instance I was able to customize and launch for a fraction of the price it used to be to host even a basic website. Storage is dirt cheap through Amazon S3 and you gain access to everything from virtual load balancers, AI with Alexa, to satellite relays if you’re lucky enough to have one in orbit.

Everything changes daily and these are just 3 top things I’m seeing in July 2019. Let me know what you think of this article and give me a follow on twitter @claytonjubb